53 Father’s Days

Today marks my dad’s 53rd Father’s Day. This letter is to honor him, to express my love and deepest appreciation for him, and to remind him of the beloved traits he so perfectly exemplifies.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

June 21, 2015

Dear Dad,

There is fatherhood and then there is responsible fatherhood. You had a choice and I am grateful you chose the latter. Your consistent commitment, self-sacrifice, integrity and unconditional love provided the best possible foundation to create a well-adjusted, happy child and then a confident, capable, content woman. I’m quite aware it could have all been different and I might not have known what I was missing at the time; but, I can assure you I would know it now. I continue to be proud and appreciative of the responsible father you exemplify.

When I was growing up, you were an all-engaging kind of dad; always encouraging and supporting me in every aspect of my life. You were my play mate, my coach, my favorite comedian and my spiritual leader. You were my teacher, my protector, my disciplinarian, my story teller, my counselor, my provider and my rock. I knew I could count on you to always look out for my best interest. I admired everything about you….from your strong work ethic to your strong body, from your sense of humor to your sense of awareness and from your commitment to our family time to your vow to be your personal best. You were a valuable example in your spiritual life and in your service to others. The experiences you provided for all of your children to learn, to fail or to shine were both insightful and inspiring. It takes a selfless, determined parent to present opportunities while encouraging both persistence and patience. As a parent myself, I respect your diligence. These life experiences, coupled with your unconditional love, shaped and molded me into the person I am today. Because of you Dad, I appreciate the sunrises and the sunsets. I love the outdoors and the beauty of nature. I enjoy playing and watching sports. I take pleasure in family time and friendships. I value traits like genuineness, honesty, and integrity. I know the difference in materialism and spiritualism. I understand emotions like empathy, compassion and sympathy. I treasure a sense of humor, a spirit of adventure and a fun, light-hearted nature. You have always been a wonderful role model.

Dad, I admire the person you are and the way you live your life. I am forever grateful that you are my loving, responsible father.

I love you,


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