About Me

Karen Rogers Swanson
Atlanta, GA

Bio: I am an independent contractor in the fields of sales, marketing, recruiting and training. This is HOW I make my living. I am privileged to form relationships and partnerships to solve problems and refine processes for the success of my clients. Lucky me! My education and background include a liberal arts degree in business administration and psychology, with my work history focused on sales and marketing, primarily in the staffing industry. I have expanded my experience over the years to include sales and marketing for both products and other services, with recruiting, training and management roles added to my repertoire. I also assist in the design and implementation of marketing campaigns for start up companies, which is the only time the verb "design" has brought me real income. Lucky me again! On the side, and for a little extra income, I enjoy creating and refining personal resumes, coaching and teaching interview techniques, helping women begin a basic exercise program, and speaking to small groups of women. We discuss such things as dealing with life issues, conducting job searches, uncovering passions and self worth and pursuing personal and professional goals. My WHY for living is found in my writings. I have a passion to share my life experiences and stories with others in a relatable way, adding a twist of humor, sentimentality and light heartedness. The writings could be a kind of Seinfeld episode story about life's nothings or they might describe the biggest, boldest occurrences on the center stage of all our lives. In my writings, you will also feel my passion for exercise and healthy eating, family and friends, spiritual connectedness, ways to achieve your personal and professional goals and living a more simplified, content lifestyle. I am a lucky work in progress! Thanks for sharing in my journey!

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