75 Candles

Today, March 5th, is my mother’s 75th birthday.  This letter is to honor her, to express my love and deepest appreciation for her, and to remind her of the beloved traits she so perfectly exemplifies.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Dear Mom,

Webster’s defines motherhood as the state or experience of having and raising a child.  It could sound inevitable and predictable, but as a mom myself I’m quite aware that it is far from an ordinary, routine task.

I am proud and humbled at the same time to say that you gave me tough shoes to fill.  When I was growing up, you were an all-encompassing mother; always meeting my physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs.  You provided many opportunities for small successes which often led to bigger accomplishments or learning experiences, both of which build character.  For your perseverance and awareness, I am eternally thankful.  It is both my life experiences and my childhood environment that shaped me into the person I am today.  Although I am not perfect, I have a desire to do my best, to care for others, to know God, to learn new things, to take care of my body, to socialize, and most importantly to be a good mom.  You have always been a wonderful role model and I appreciate the person you are and the way you live your life.  You have taught me about everything from reading and writing to living and dying.  You have endured disease and death in their worst case scenarios, and you have risen above it all with a spirit of love and acceptance.  I believe you have a deeper appreciation for life, for what’s really important, than most of us do. Hence, you truly understand unconditional love, not just because you’re a mom, but mostly because you understand quality of life.

Mom, take pride in your greatest accomplishments.  For two of them walk this earth as happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults and the other one walks the golden streets of heaven; mostly because we have always had a loving, supportive, encouraging, Godly mother in you.  So, this is my official thank you letter for all the times I “forgot” to say thank you for everything you have ever done for me.  I am forever grateful. 

I love you,




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