Salon Seduction

“When blondes have more fun, do they know it?” I laughed at the bumper sticker in front of me, spewing my favorite Chick-fil-A sandwich out of my mouth like Coke from a shaken can. Thankfully, this happened at a long red light since abbreviated car detailing was now necessary. I was embarrassed by my over reaction, noting the gawking gaze in the lane beside me but, I was more disappointed that I lost part of my favorite weekly lunch treat. Chick-fil-A, Coke, long red lights and blondes – all Atlanta icons, some more famous than others. Now, being a natural blonde, I have never cried over stereotypical, harmless humor, unless it was tears of laughter. After all, most brunettes, from what I have observed, have wanted to be the “dumb blonde” at some point in their life. Go figure.

To maintain my golden look at this silvering age, I make semi-annual trips to my hair salon for happy highlights. “Happy” because they make me bright. They lighten up my face and smile, hopefully hiding my dulling skin tone and lifting the lines of time. And, of course they brighten my spirit. After all, we must be fighters on the field of fading. There I was on a sunny Saturday afternoon, committing hours to match my hair to the weather. Perched high in my chair and delivering every other strand of my dish watery, dull locks to my hairstylist, she began to paint n’ wrap. She’s an artist, a beauty artist. We attempted to share “stories” over roaring blow dryers and rushing sink water as she painted each of my hair sections with a “perfect”, but brighter shade to best match my natural hair color. Then, she wrapped them in shiny foils all over my head, just in case an alien showed up and needed a friend. It’s a ridiculous look but, totally acceptable in this safe haven for die-hard beauty divas. I looked around the planet, the large table where we all congregated with shiny silver heads and faded pink lips drinking fruity water, wine or gourmet coffee; attempting to achieve a new look or for some, re-freshen our “forever” look, or just take a “time out” and, I wondered. I was curious about what really draws us into the salon seduction.

My theory is this. Beauty is certainly an outward thing, a visible result of highlights or make-up or genetic favor. But, beauty is also an inward thing, a feeling we get when we experience touch, when we’re pampered, when all our senses are engaged. Let’s face it, we live in a world that doesn’t take care of us, we have to do that ourselves. When we take time to feel beautiful, somehow we are more confident; more worthy of giving and receiving love, respect, and admiration. So there I was, happily stopped in this place full of amazing aroma, experiencing relaxing touch and inspiring conversation, watching the fair weather day go by with a glass of wine in hand. Yes, I was attempting to be prettier, despite mirrors plastered on every conceivable wall to remind me that I was still in the alien stage. But I wasn’t alone. We the blondes, the brunettes and the redheads, all on common ground, all letting our Barbie guards down, all removing the plastic outer layer in order to feed our inner feminine spirit, knowing we’ll look and feel more beautiful when we leave than when we arrived. This is what it’s all about. Bettering ourselves for the sake of society, and for our own self-worth. Our attempt to feel worthy in an unworthy world. We want to add a little brightness to boost our spirit and the spirits of those around us. The salon experience lures us into this state of mind.

The foils are removed, my scalp and hair are washed in a relaxing massage manner and, my new golden locks are gently towel dried. I’m once again perched high in my chair to be combed, dried and styled, not to be confused with scattered, smothered and covered – another Atlanta icon. I peer into the large, perfectly Windexed mirror in front of me to see that I no longer look like just another extraterrestrial but, clearly and finally, I have a look all of my own. A brighter, shinier,healthier look to offer a little inspiration to others and, to be encouraged myself. So whether you’re a blonde, a brunette, a redhead or other, take pride in how you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside – both are beautiful you. After all, we never know who might need a little brightness in their life, including ourselves.

Now, to answer the age-old question, “Do blondes have more fun?”. I would have to say “yes”, and most of us know it.

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